7th Pay commission Latest News Today: Modi government can give big gift to central employees, these employees will get big relief

NEW DELHI 8 JANUARY 2021। In an important move that will help all Central Reserve Police Forces (CRPF) employees, the Narendra Modi government has decided to extend ‘Disability Compensation’ to all such central government employees, if they get disabled in the line of duty while performing their service and are retained in service in spite of such disablement.

Informing about the central government decision, Union Minister Dr. Jitendra Singh tweeted, “In a significant New Year decision, “Disability Compensation” has been extended for all serving govt employees, if they get disabled while performing their service & are still retained in service. This also includes those who were appointed on or after 1.1.2004 & covered under NPS.”

So, from now onwards, if a central government employee, which includes CRPF employees too, gets disabled while performing their duties and this disablement is attributed to government service, in that case, if he is still retained in the service in spite of disablement, a lump sum compensation will be paid to him by arriving at the capitalised value of the disability element, with reference to the commutation table in force from time to time.

As per the 2009 order of the government did not provide such compensation to those central government servants who were appointed on or after January 1, 2004 and covered under National Pension System (NPS), declares a statement issued by the Personnel Ministry.

Apart from the CRPF employees, this new move will provide a huge relief to BSF, CISF, etc. too, since disability in the performance of duties is generally reported in their case.

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